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Our Services

We are mainly deal with Sourcing and Inspection services for goods merchandise from India to all over the world.

You can appoint us either as your Sourcing agent or Inspection agent for merchandise you are importing from India.

You can also opt for both Sourcing as well as Inspection services.

If you opt us only for Inspection we recommend you to choose our 100% Inspection plan. In this you get each and every pieces of your shipment after Quality check and it reduces the chance of getting any defective goods in your merchandise.

Also you can give us responsibility of sourcing goods in your behalf and we source best raw-material and select best and reliable manufacturer to make your products. In this also we do 100% inspection before delivering goods to you.

So you need not to worry about delay and quality while importing merchandise from India.


Our Buying House sources compliant & reliable garment manufacturers.

Our Fabric technical division sources materials all over India and abroad.

It has a long expertise in solving fabric issues.

A dedicated team of Merchandisers works with their best to make the shipment cost effective without managing with quality parameters.

Developing / Sampling

With innovative Designers & Sampling Merchandisers worked with experienced pattern makers working their best and 10 sampling machines, our sampling unit is equipped for all your innovations.

Style designs, proto samples, salesman samples, patterns, that fits all your specification and need.

Planning & Merchandising

Completing the technical files, allocating & planning orders with suppliers, approvals, production follow ups, communication, one team of merchandiser is dedicated to each customer.


In all our suppliers including our own unit, our quality team acts as a third party for pre-shipment inspection, and is your quality assurance.

Our first ranking in many customer’s statistics shows our experience.


Our team coordinates and verifies all documentation pre & post shipment for all our suppliers.

We also produce statistics customer-wise and supplier-wise.